Template Library

Emails > All Templates

The Template Library displays all stock templates and any custom templates that are available in your Ascent360 Platform.

Access the Templates Library

To access the Templates Library, click Emails > All Templates on the left-side navigation menu. 

Similar to the Email Design Library, the Templates Library can be organized into folders, is searchable, and can be viewed in tile or list view. 

Use Templates

Click the three dots on the template and select Use this template to copy the template into a new design. After selecting Use this template, enter a Title and Subject for the design. 

Select Preview to display a full-page preview of the email template.

Save Designs as Templates

To save an email design as a template, select Save as Template under the Actions menu in the email designer. 

Enter a name for the template and click Save Template. If you have folders in your Templates Library, designate a folder to house the template. Otherwise, select Create at root level