Allow Ascent360 Access to Your Facebook Ads Account

Before you Begin: Accept Facebook’s Terms of Service

Use the link below to accept the terms. Please replace %%Account Number%% with the account number you are accepting:

https:\\\ads\manage\customaudiences\tos\?act=%%Account Number%%

Read the terms of service & click the accept button. After you accept the terms, the banner should change to say “You have accepted these terms of service”.

Step 1: Go to Business Manager Settings

Navigate to

Navigate to the “Business Settings” of our account through the hamburger menu on the top left.


Step 2: Click Ad Accounts

Step 3: Choose the Ad Account you would like to access via Ascent360

After locating the Ad Account you would like to give Ascent360 access to (most clients will only have one) choose the “Assign Partner” button to give Ascent360 access.

Step 4: Assign ad account using Ascent360 Business ID

After choosing “Assign Partner,” a popup window should appear. Select the option to assign by Business ID

For the access options, choose “Manage campaigns”

The Ascent360 Business ID: 923394664355446