Acoustic - Activating your Acoustic ID

This article applies to Ascent360 users who use Acoustic to send emails.

User: Activate your ID

  1. After your admin adds you to Acoustic, you will receive an email to activate your Acoustic ID.
  2. Enter and confirm your password. Your email address is your Acoustic ID.
  3. Enter the code sent to your email to enable two-factor authentication.
  4. Select your security question and image.
  5. To continue setup and link your Acoustic Campaign to your Acoustic ID, click here:
  6. Check the box next to Acoustic Campaign and click next
  7. Select Pod 8 and enter the email address and password that was provided by the Admin. Important note: The log in credentials at this step are different than the Acoustic ID credentials. 
  8. After logging in successfully you should see the Acoustic Campaign home screen. The password in this step is a temporary password and must be changed after logging in. Follow the steps below to set your permanent password.
  9. Expand the menu bar on the left, select settings > User Profile
  10. Enter the old password (this is the same password from step 7) and create a new password and enter it in both the New Password and Confirm Password


  1. Scroll to the bottom and click save.

    12.  You're all set! To log in going forward, go to and use your Acoustic ID credentials created in steps 1 - 4