Field Types

Configuring a Text Field

To configure a text field, use the center arrow buttons to move values from “Possible Values” to "Selected Values" to include them in your audience.

Configuring a Numeric Field

To configure a number field, choose what you would like the count to fall between, type the lower number into the "From" text box and the higher number into the "To" text box. You can also change the parameters of the calculation by clicking the drop-down – you can choose Less than, Equal, Greater than, etc. Then, click the Save icon in the lower right.

Configuring a Date Field

To configure a date field, type (or select from the calendar input) your earlier date in the ‘Start’ text box and your later date in the ‘End’ text box. 

Configure a Dynamic Date

To configure a date field to be dynamic based on today’s date, select the calculated date button in the lower right corner. 

To calculate your date, first decide whether you’re looking for dates before today’s date, or after. Make that selection in the drop-down as shown. Then, set your number of days, months or years.

In this case, we are looking for people who entered the database (based on their Individual Create Date) yesterday, so we can them a welcome email.

If you are unsure of whether you have selected the correct date, you can click the Test This Date button to check your work.

After configuring your dynamic date, click the Save icon in the lower right of the field.