Texting "From Number" Types

Note: SMS will be available for all clients around the middle to end of August 2024.

Ascent360 offers two types of sending numbers for texting. These are: 

  • 10DLC (sometimes referred to as "local" or "long-code"): numbers with local area codes (Example: 303, 720)
  • Toll-free: 8xx numbers

While the differences between these number types may seem merely cosmetic, there are other key distinctions that are important to keep in mind when deciding which number to use. 

In the event that you need to send from multiple phone numbers (multiple toll-free, multiple 10DLC, or a mix), please notify Ascent360 and we can work with you to validate the use case. It's important to maintain a consistent use case and messaging with numbers over time.


10DLC is a sanctioned business text message using local phone numbers. Sanctioned means business sending SMS and MMS over local phone numbers must register their brands and campaigns and be carrier-approved. 

10DLC Pros

  • Choose any U.S. area code to create a "local" feeling for your recipients. 
  • Shorter spin-up time: Usually less than 10 business days.
  • Larger attachment size limit for MMS (2.5 MB). 

10DLC Cons

  • 10DLC is not a fully-sanctioned channel in Canada, which means that 10DLC suffers from lower throughput to recipients. For this reason, Ascent360 recommends leveraging toll-free if a significant portion of your recipients are Canadian. 


Any number with an "8xx" code is considered a toll-free number. 

Toll-Free Pros

  • Consumers know and trust toll-free numbers

Toll-Free Cons

  • Longer spin-up time: toll-free aggregators require verification, which can take up to 1-3 weeks. 
  • Smaller attachment size limit for MMS (525 KB).

Registration & Verification

Regardless of the number type that you choose, you'll need to provide Ascent360 information about your texting program so that we can pass this to the applicable governance bodies. Please note the spin-up times associated with the number types above.

This information includes: 

  • The legal name and address of your business
  • Your business tax number
  • 1-3 examples of messages you intend to send through Ascent360
  • Proof of compliant opt-in flow (a link to your Texting opt-in form). 
  • Links to your Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. 

For more information on texting compliance, see SMS - Ascent360's Guide to Texting Compliance