Key SMS Campaigns to Implement

Jumpstart your SMS marketing journey with these essential campaign ideas. 


Give your guests the ultimate peace of mind leading up to their visit by texting them the most important details at the ideal time in their customer journey.

Reservation Confirmation

Take advantage of your customers’ initial excitement for planning a trip by contacting your guests right after they book their stay.

Purchase Reminder

Communicate important pre-purchase deadlines, low inventory products and redemption requirements before your guests arrive.

Check-In Day

Travel-heavy days are no problem with an SMS campaign. Send important details about check-in via text for your guest to receive whether they’re at the airport or on the road.


Leverage purchaser data to the fullest extent by contacting new customers upon purchase. Here you can communicate purchase details, like shipping, pick-up or fulfillment requirements, and even ask new purchasers to promote your brand.

Purchase Confirmation

Take advantage of your customers’ initial excitement for planning a trip by contacting your guests right after they purchase a product.

Event Date Reminder

Streamline your guests’ product/event date by resolving operational requirements well before they arrive for their lesson, rental, or activity.

Post-Visit Thank You

Promote your brand and receive valuable guest feedback by sending targeted SMS texts to guests promptly after their visit.


What happens when someone opts in to SMS texts? Don’t miss out on converting a prospect customer to a loyal champion of your brand – capitalize on an SMS sign up by sending a Welcome campaign to new subscribers, new customers or existing high-value customers.

New Subscribers

Capitalize on the initial sign up by contacting explicit SMS opt-ins right away. Make a great first impression by sending a welcome SMS campaign and incentivize your prospect customer’s first purchase.

Loyalty Program/VIP

Target your high-value customers with tailored messaging to make them feel “VIP.” Cultivate a relationship with brand loyals through regular SMS communication. Encourage these VIPs to pay attention to text messages from your brand with compelling offers, exclusivity and acknowledgement of their loyalty. 

New Customer

Make a new customer’s first purchase one of many by triggering an educational or engaging SMS campaign. Start your new relationship of strong with a welcome campaign tailored to new visitors and their needs. 


Minimize churn by re-connecting with customers. Use the CDP to contact past purchasers based on historic booking behavior and maintain optimal SMS permissions by sunsetting old contacts.

Predicted Purchase

The CDP hosts a wealth of data which can help determine customer purchase behavior and predict when they might be interested in visiting again. A booking anniversary, service reminder, or ticket on sale SMS campaign can remind loyal guests to purchase again.

Lapsed Customer 

Send compelling text messages to convert lapsed customers into return visitors. By understanding when a customer last purchased a product, you can prepare multi-text campaigns to reduce the chances of churn and keep customers engaged with your brand. 

Subscriber Sunset 

Optimize engagement metrics and keep your contact lists clean by sunsetting unengaged contacts. Subscribers can stay on a contact list even if they’re no longer interested thus ignoring your texts and hurting SMS campaign performance metrics. Give these individuals an opportunity to opt out to improve overall performance.

Customer Behavior Trigger

The CDP is a plethora of customer information that can be used for targeted SMS campaigns. Using webtracking and transaction data, we can send texts to potential guests based on webpages they’ve visited and products we know they’ve purchased.


Use transaction data to target recent purchasers and promote products based on their interests or available promotions. 

Cross Sell 

Run a quick cross sell campaign to target recent purchasers with an SMS promotion of additional products they may need or want.

Abandoned Browse 

Increase urgency by communicating low-inventory to individuals based on their browsing behavior.

Converting Email Contacts to SMS Contacts

As a new SMS marketer, you will need to use all tools at your disposal to target contacts for which you have permission to send SMS campaigns. Consider emailing the customers who engage most with your mailings to increase the number of “SMS Permission = Yes” in your database. For example, here is a simple email campaign to drive SMS sign-ups:

Please note: text-to-join capability with custom keywords capability will be available in a future release.

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