Working with Rows, Content, and Settings

Rows and Content are the basic building blocks of emails designed in Ascent360. This article describes how to combine Rows, Content, and adjust the Global Settings of your email design to produce a stunning design. 


Rows are structural units that define the horizontal composition of a section of the message by using columns. A row can include one to four columns.

Using more than one column allows you to put different content elements side by side.

You can add all the structural elements you need to your message regardless of the template you selected when you started.


For example, you can select a background color for the entire row, only the message area, or a specific column within it.


This section includes a series of tiles that represent the different kinds of content you can use in your message. 

To use a content block, just drag one inside a column, it will auto-adjust to the column width.

Every content block has its owns settings, such as granular control on padding. The right-side panel automatically switches to a property panel for the selected content element.



Use the Settings tab to adjust the global properties of the email design. Rather than configuring the properties of every content block, you can leverage the Settings to alter how properties inherit to content blocks and build a coherent message very quickly. 

For more on Settings in the Email Designer, please see Email Settings Overview