Sending Domain and DNS Records

If you are using the Ascent360 Email Sending Platform to send emails, Ascent360 will configure your "From" and "Reply-to" addresses for you to get started. 

Sending from the Shared Ascent360 Domain

By Default, Ascent360 will setup most new clients to send emails from an address on a domain owned and managed by Ascent360 ( The From address will follow the naming convention:

See the example for Boulder Mountain Gear below: 

  • From address:
  • Reply-to address:

Because multiple Ascent360 clients send emails using the shared domain, the sender reputation for the shared domain is informed by clients of varying database sizes across multiple industries. Please see the "Advantages and Considerations" section below for additional considerations relating to the shared domain.

Advantages and Considerations of Sending from the Shared Ascent360 Domain


  • No additional client-side configuration required.
  • has a positive sender reputation that is informed by multiple Ascent360 clients. Clients that are new to email marketing and have not built a positive sender reputation sending emails from their own domain may see higher deliverability and engagement through the Shared Domain.


  • Additional client-side configuration required. See "Adding Ascent360 DNS Records" below.
  • Some clients want the From address to be equally as recognizable for their customer base as their Reply-to address
  • Clients that are not new to email marketing may prefer to be the sole contributor to their sender reputation. 

Adding Ascent360 DNS Records

Should you wish to send emails in Ascent360 from your own domain (or multiple domains that you manage), you may request to do so at any point. Submit a ticket to the Help Desk by clicking here or speak with your Implementation Manager to get this process started. Please provide the following: 

  • Desired Sending Domain - this must be a domain where either you or your IT support has access to the Domain Hosting Provider Settings
  • Desired From address - the domain on this address must match the sending domain

After providing the above information, Ascent360 will generate CNAME DNS records that, once implemented, will allow Ascent360 to send emails on the behalf of your domain. After implementing and saving in the settings of your hosting provider, please notify the Ascent360 team so we can verify propagation and complete setup.