Domain Authentication

Establishing domain authentication is an important step in beginning to use the Ascent360 Email platform.  The purpose of domain authentication shows ISPs that the email being sent is legitimately being sent on your company's behalf.  Without domain authentication deliverability will suffer including blocks and higher spam rates.

Hosting Provider

To start, the implementation team from Ascent360 will be asking who is your hosting provider for your website.  Example of hosting providers are GoDaddy, CloudFlare, etc.  Often you will need to talk to y our IT team to get this information.   Once this information is received the Ascent360 team will work to create CNAME and DNS Hosting records for you.

CNAME Records

Ascent360 will supply you with a series of CNAME records.  You or someone on your IT team will need to aply those to your DNS host.  Once you have applied these records, let the Ascent360 team know.  We will then verify these records for you.  

NOTE:  Once you let the Ascent360 team know we will wait 48 hours to validate them for you.  The reason for this is that we need the records to propagate prior to verification.