Offboarding Checklist

We hate to see you go! However, if you are offboarding from Ascent360, please follow this checklist:

Export your email contacts  *important*

Follow instructions to export all email contacts. Make sure you include the output field called Email Permission Status, as it's crucial you retrieve any email opt-outs (you must honor these in the future).

Export any key audiences

If you want to download important audiences, such as high spenders or a newsletter list, be sure to export and retrieve those. Follow instructions on how to export an audience to file export.

Cancel any scheduled emails

If you have scheduled emails set for the future, cancel those from the Email Sends page. Filter by type = scheduled, then click actions > cancel for each one.

Turn off your email/campaign automations

When leaving Ascent360, turn off any automations that you have running. Navigate to Campaigns > All Campaigns. Expand each campaign to view the email(s) within. Click the actions icon to unpublish each email.

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Disable landing pages or forms

First, unpublish forms and landing pages in Ascent360. Then, remove any Ascent360-generated forms or landing pages from your website(s).

Remove web tracking code from your website

If you have Ascent360 web tracking pixel code (JavaScript) embedded on your webpages, remove those to halt the data flow.

Remove your POS/Ecommerce platform connections

Turn off access for Ascent360 to pull future customer and transactional data from your source systems. For clients who have integrations that are not API-based, or for any general help, email for guidance.