Adding Personalization

Personalization can increase engagement for your customers and is easy to do within the Ascent360 platform.  Follow these easy steps.

Using Database Fields to Personalize Emails

  • Inserting Personalization in email
    Emails > Designs or New Template
    • On the email building canvas, click or highlight the location for the personalization to be inserted
    • Click the Merge tags button to view the available fields
    • The value on the email builder canvas should now display something like:
       {{[Email Address]}} 

  • It is important to keep all rounded and square brackets exactly how it was inserted in the email otherwise the personalization can break.
  • Testing Personalization
  •  Please send the list of emails you would like to use for testing including the field values you are using for the personalization to
  • We will load the list and create the test audience for you to use. 
    Email Address First Name  Last Name Bob Smith John Smith
  • Note: This process has a 48 hour turnaround time. This is an interim solution and we are working to improve the platform to allow testing personalization in the tool 

Please reach out to the help desk with any questions