Adding Personalization

Personalization can increase engagement for your customers and is easy to do within the Ascent360 platform.  Follow these easy steps.

Using Database Fields to Personalize Emails

  • Inserting Personalization in email
    Emails > Designs or New Template
    • On the email building canvas, click or highlight the location for the personalization to be inserted
    • Click the Merge tags button to view the available fields
    • The value on the email builder canvas should now display something like:
       {{[Email Address]}} 

  • It is important to keep all rounded and square brackets exactly how it was inserted in the email otherwise the personalization can break.
  • Create Audience to Test Personalization in Email
    Execute > Marketing Tools > Audience Selector
    • Create an audience with zero contacts
      • To do this pull over Zip by US State and Country
      • Enter a USA zip code and sent country not in USA
      • Refresh the audience and you should see zero under email contacts. 
      • Save the audience to be used for the email test

  • Create Seed list to Test Personalization in email
    Account Settings > Settings > Seed List
    • Go to settings in the upper right corner and select Settings
    • Navigate to seed list and select Add List
    • Give the list a name
    • Select the new list from the dropdown and click view to add emails to the list. 
    • You can use the importer to add multiple emails at once or click add and manually type in the new email address.
  • Sending a Live Test
    Emails > Designs > Select the design with personalization
    • Click Send Email
    • Send To
      • Audience/Campaign: Select the audience created in the steps above which does not contain any email addresses.
      • Seed List: Select the seed list created in the steps above

  • From & Properties should be set to match how the final email will be sent.
  • Schedule: Send now
  • Touchpoint Mapping: Do not map this email
  • Preview: Send
  • Confirm the send
  • Check your inbox and you should see the email within a few minutes with the personalization.

Please reach out to the help desk with any questions