Using Merge Tags

Use Merge Tags to leverage your data and add a greater level of personalization for your emails. Merge tags will dynamically insert information relating to the recipient based on data in Ascent360.

Add Merge Tags to Email Body

Merge Tags are available in any text content block within the email designer. In a text box, click Merge Tags on the text toolbar. 

On the resulting modal, select a database field from the drop-down. You can also configure an optional Default Value that will be used if the value for the recipient is blank. After selecting a field and default value, select Insert.

Ascent360 will automatically insert merge tag notation with the following convention: {{[Field | "Default Value"]}}

Once inserted, please do not alter the merge tag notation, including the rounded and square brackets.

Add Merge Tags to Email Subject

Merge tags are also available in the subject of an email. To insert into an email subject, select Insert Merge Tags + under the Subject text box. 

 Configure a field and default value, as applicable. Select Insert

Testing Merge Tags

Merge tags will not pull through to test emails. Ascent360 executes different steps when sending a test email versus sending a live email. When sending a test, Ascent360 sends a test email to the provided address; it will not reference an individual database record to attribute opens, clicks, etc. Because the test email does not reference a database record, it has no information to pull for the purposes of inserting a merge tag. 

Merge tags will still be inserted for the live email send.

Merge Tag Considerations

  • By default, only some individual and transaction level fields are available as Merge Tags. If you would like to expose an additional field for Merge Tag availability, please reach out to