Web Scrape for Email Designs

How to Set-up Page Scrape in Email Designer

Setting up an email to scrape the contents of a webpage is quite simple. Below are step-by-step instructions and a video to help guide you.

  1. From the Email Menu select Designs
  2. Select Add a new Design
  3. Select ‘start from scratch’ on the templates page 
  4. In your email design add a row (drag and drop into the center canvas)
  5. From the content section, drag a text block into your row 
  6. From the menu for the text block, select Merge Tags on the bottom right
  7. Select Page Scrape URL 
  8. Add a valid URL to the URL field
  9. Click save
  10. Do not edit the content in the text block
  11. Send a test email to preview your page scrape email.