How to Setup BigCommerce Access for Ascent360

Follow the below process to connect your BigCommerce instance to Ascent360

             Click Here  or paste the following link in your browser: After clicking, go to Step 4


  1. Login to your Big store with admin credentials
  1. Go to "Apps"->"Marketplace" and click on "" button


  1. Click on "Ascent360" app to Install and follow the steps to authorize.


  1. Enter your existing store credentials and Login to install the app.

  2. Click "Confirm" to grant Access.

  3.  Clicking "Confirm" will automatically send an API token and redirect you to Ascent360 account page. Here, you need to either login with existing Ascent360 account if you already have one. If this is your first time connecting any integration with Ascent360, click on "Create One" to create an account with Ascent360. Please don't use BigCommerce Login credentials on this page.

  4. You can Create Ascent360 account by filling the information

  5. Once you connect (Create account or Login) then you will be redirected to Thank you page.

What data will it use and how?

Ascent360 will receive read-only access and it will not be modifying any data in your BigCommerce  account. We leverage the BigCommerce API to collect data from different endpoints which consist:

  • Customers 
  • Orders
  • Items 
  • Categories
  • Products