The Manage Campaigns Page for Ascent360 Email Users

The Campaigns page allows you to easily review your Campaign performance, start new Campaigns, view attributed revenue, recategorize existing Campaigns, and download your Campaign data for further analysis. 

The Results and Table View Tabs

This page is divided into two tabs: Results and Table View. The Results tab displays Campaign data grouped by Campaign Category, and the Table View tab displays a flattened view allowing for easier direct comparison and download. Both tabs display the same data. 

The Results Tab

The Results Tab shows Campaign data grouped by Campaign Category. Each Campaign Category is a drop-down that contains the Campaign line items that are assigned to it. Click a drop-down to expand it, or use the "Expand All" button near the top right of the table to open all drop-downs at once. 

Any Campaign line items that are not assigned to a specific Campaign category are considered "Uncategorized" and can be found within that drop-down. 

The Table View Tab

The Table View Tab displays the same data as the Results tab in a flattened view for easier direct comparison of line items and downloading. Use the "Download" button near the top right of the table to generate a spreadsheet with all data currently on the page. The page filters will affect the data included in the file. 


The Revenue Cards at the top of the page provide a snapshot of all attributed Campaign revenue in Ascent360. Revenue totals recalculate overnight.

  • Uncategorized Revenue: This card displays the sum of revenue for line items that are not assigned to a Campaign.
  • Categorized Revenue: This card displays the sum of revenue across all Campaigns.
  • Total Revenue: This card displays the sum of revenue from the Categorized and Uncategorized cards.

Campaign Management

The Campaigns page can be used to create new Campaigns, send emails and assign them to an existing Campaign, or move existing items between Campaigns. 

Create New Campaign

If you want to create a new Campaign, select "New Campaign" in the top right of the page to enter the Campaign Wizard. On the resulting screen, Name and select the Campaign Category most closely associated with your Campaign. Select "Next". If you just want to create a Campaign "bucket," this is all you need to do. If you also want to send an email and associate it with this new Campaign, continue through the rest of the Campaign Wizard. 

Send Emails and Assign to Existing Campaign

To Send an Email to an existing Campaign, select "Add and Send Email" under the Actions menu on the Campaign drop-down on the Results tab. 

Selecting this option will allow you to send a new email to an existing Campaign, helping you avoid duplicate Campaigns. 

Move Existing Items

To move an existing item between Campaigns, select the Actions menu for the line item and "Move". 

Selecting this option will prompt a screen that will let you move the item either to a new Campaign or Uncategorize it. 

When moving campaign line items, revenue totals relating to the affected Campaigns will recalculate overnight.