Audience Builder


 Creating an Audience
Learn how to create an audience using fields from your CDP to create custom segments of individuals in your database based on their demographics, email history, purchase history, or other behavior.
 Export an Audience to a File
Learn how to export a file of your contacts to analyze your CDP data locally.
Field Types
Configuring a Text Field To configure a text field, use the center arrow buttons to move values from “Possible Values” to "Selected Values" to include them in your audience. Configuring a Numeric Field To configure ...
Create an audience of "non-openers" of an email
If you want to do a "re-mail" (an email send that targets non-openers), you'll need to create two audiences: The first audience should comprise the people who were sent  the initial email. This will be the audience you send ...
Export Contacts
Learn how to send your contacts to different platforms, including email service providers, ad network platforms or FTP locations.
Export Contacts to a Direct Mail file
Basic Direct Mail File To export the direct mail contacts in your audience or campaign to a CSV, TXT or Excel file, select the Send Contacts menu option. Then, select "a direct mail file" from the provider dropdown. Type in your ...
Email Behavior Data in Audience Selector
Audience > Audience Builder Data relating to email engagement and behavior can be used in the Audience Builder to segment your database.    Non-Aggregated Email Engagement Data Non-aggregated email engagement data is the deliv...
 Build an Audience from Form Submissions
Your browser does not support HTML5 video. How to Build an Audience from Ascent360 Landing Page Submissions Pulling Form Source Name   Integrate > Landing Pages Navigate to the Landing Page you would like to use in the Audien...
Using "Advanced Query" in Audience Selector
This document is an overview and FAQ of Advanced Queries or Groupings in Audience Selector. What Are Advanced Queries? Advanced Queries in Audience Builder allow for you to have more control over your audiences and create more complex audience...