Using the Editor


Email Design Settings
The Settings  tab of the Email Designer allows you to configure the global properties of your email. Available Settings Content Area Width : Set the width for the content area. This is used when the device has a screen larger than that widt...
Working with Rows, Content, and Settings
An overview of settings, rows, and content in the design editor, and how they introduce flexibility to the editor to allow for limitless email designs
Optimizing Emails for Mobile
How to hide or show content on mobile or desktop. Allow for different kinds of stacking.
Working with Menus
How to use the menu content block to add a menu to your email design
Working with icons
How to use the icons content block in your email. Several layouts can be created by combining icons or small images, often with some copy.
Working with borders
Working with Borders For those structural and content elements where you can set a border, you have the option to do so for all sides, or for each side individually. This gives you flexibility in setting the look and feel of your email message....
Add Dynamic Content to an Email
How to add display conditions in email designer
Working with Videos
How to add video to your email in a way that deprecates beautifully & is simple to implement.
Working with HTML Content Blocks
In some instances, you may need to add specific HTML to your email without using a content block. In those cases, you can use the custom HTML block to insert valid HTML into your email.
Adding a background image to your emails
Here's how to add background images to your content rows or the entire email to create even more stunning emails!
Using Merge Tags
How to add personalization to your emails.
Add Emojis to your Subject Line
Adding Emoji in an email’s subject line can lead to higher open rates and better convey the call to action of your email. You can add emojis so email subject lines anywhere you can edit a subject line in the Ascent360 platform. When creating a n...
 Add a Custom Unsubscribe Form to an Email Design
How to use a custom unsubscribe ascent360 form in an email design
 Send to a List
Your browser does not support HTML5 video. The " List Send " feature allows users to quickly send emails or texts from the Ascent360 CDP to recipients that may not already be in the CDP and accessible through a traditional audience.  Very im...