Updated Articles

  1. FAQs

  2. What is an "Individual" in Ascent360?

    When Ascent360 pulls customer records into our system from our clients source systems, we need to decide which records are complete and should be stored as a "customer record", which ones should be matched to individuals already in the dat...
  3.  Exciting Changes to the CDP

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. ...
  4. Acoustic Login Changes

    You may have seen one of several announcements from Acoustic about upcoming changes to the user experience as Acoustic separates from IBM. We wanted to share some pertinent information with you to avoid any confusion about the upcoming changes. U...
  5. Edit or Rename an Audience

    Learn how to update an existing audience with a new name or new conditions and how to create a new audience from an existing one.
  6. Creating an Audience

    Learn how to create an audience using fields from your CDP to create custom segments of individuals in your database based on their demographics, email history, purchase history, or other behavior.
  7. Dropping and Picking Up Files with File Management

    The Ascent360 File Management system is an area where you can drop or pick up files. This makes it convenient to securely drop files that contain PII (like lists of contacts). Downloading a File To download a file, check the box next to the f...
  8. High Level Platform Architecture Overview

    The below PowerPoint presentation will take you through a High Level View of the Ascent360 system architecture.  This is designed for a non-technical user and is not fully accurate from a technical perspective. For easy viewing, click the &quo...
  9. Data Quality

    The data quality page displays all sorts of information about the quality of the data in the CDP. Visit this page to learn about how complete the contact data is and which sources pull the best data.
  10. Data Sources

    The data sources page displays information relating to the sources of data flowing in to the CDP. Visit this page to learn about where people are coming from and the overlap between those data sources