Updated Articles

  1. Web Scrape for Email Designs

    How to Set-up Page Scrape in Email Designer Setting up an email to scrape the contents of a webpage is quite simple. Below are step-by-step instructions and a video to help guide you. From the Email Menu select Designs Select Add a new Design...
  2. Geography Reporting

    The geography page shows where the people in the CDP live, including an overall international heat map, and maps of the top metro areas and states of the people in the CDP.
  3. Contactability Reporting

    The contactability page explores the different ways you can contact people in the CDP. Learn more about the types of consents, email metrics and postal contactability of the people in your CDP.
  4. How to submit a help desk ticket

    How to create a ticket in the help desk
  5. Email Permission Management

    This document describes how the Ascent360 email permission system works. Email permissioning is a very complex process which uses all available data to help determine the correct email permission for individuals. This is necessary to comply with the desires of our clients’ customers and prospects to successfully subscribe in and out of emails, maximize marketing audiences, and comply also with the various laws and regulations. Our goal is to help ensure that our clients have the tools to properly follow rules and regulations including the various permutations of CASL, GDPR, and CAN-SPAM.
  6. How Audience Selector and Campaign Manager Work Together to Create Complex Queries

    Learn how audience selector and campaign manager can be used in conjunction to create complex queries for your marketing needs.
  7. Access help from within the Ascent360 Platform

    How to Access Help in the Ascent360 Platform To get help directly within the platform, click the profile icon (top right) and select Help . Alternatively, select the gray question mark icon in the bottom left to toggled the Help Panel. ...
  8. Preheaders Showing Extra Text or ?? in Gmail

    The Preheader is a valuable tool that allows you to set the text you would like displayed under the subject before an email is opened in the inbox.  For example, if you want to include the date of your "Day at the Beach" email in the...
  9. What Happens When I Disconnect My Source System Data?

    If Ascent360 detects a disconnected data source, Ascent360 will reach out to the client via a Help Desk support ticket.  Disconnecting a data source interrupts the data flow into your Ascent360 marketing platform. Ascent360 will no longer be r...
  10. Email Bounces

    What is an email bounce?