Popular Articles

  1. Working with Videos

    How to add video to your email in a way that deprecates beautifully & is simple to implement.
  2.  Database Overview

    The database overview page is a one-stop shop for all information about the CDP. This dashboard displays things like the size of the CDP, how the CDP is growing and trends in the CDP.
  3. Export Contacts

    Learn how to send your contacts to different platforms, including email service providers, ad network platforms or FTP locations.
  4.  Customer Lookup

    Customer Lookup allows users to search for, view, and edit details about specific individuals in the Ascent360 database.  Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Accessing Customer Lookup Customer Lookup  is found under Database Insi...
  5. How to Setup Lightspeed POS/Retail (R-Series) Access for Ascent360

    Follow the below process to connect your Lightspeed POS/Retail (R-Series) instance to Ascent360. Click Here  or copy the following link to authorize access to your Lightspeed Retail account.   https://us.lightspeedapp.com/oauth/authoriz...
  6. Transfer Contact Lists into Ascent360

    How to transfer contacts into Ascent360
  7. Installing the Web Tracking Pixel

    The Ascent360 Web Tracking Pixel allows clients to track browsing behavior on your website from known customers who click through an email. Collecting this browsing behavior allows for more sophisticated segmentation based on past behavior.  ...
  8.  Creating an Audience

    Learn how to create an audience using fields from your CDP to create custom segments of individuals in your database based on their demographics, email history, purchase history, or other behavior.
  9. Revenue Attribution

    How Ascent360 calculates Revenue Attribution
  10. Data Load Requests

    How to request a data import.